President’s Cabinet

Several offices constitute the Criswell College leadership team: the President’s Office, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chief Business Officer and Vice President of Finance, and the Vice President of Student Affairs. Senior administrators and the staff in their offices work to meet institutional goals and make real progress toward the college’s mission.

Barry K. Creamer, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer | 214.818.1300

Dr. Creamer leads the institution to pursue its mission and goals. He is the principal liaison between the Board of Trustees and the college, and he supervises and coordinates the activities of the Vice Presidents. He oversees the recruitment of faculty and staff who are in harmony with the college’s mission, ensures adherence to policies and procedures, and is responsible for communications, institutional research and effectiveness, and development of the college’s resources.

Joseph D. Wooddell, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs | 214.818.1336

As Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Wooddell oversees the academic division of the college. In this role, he provides leadership to the development of all academic programs, hiring, evaluation, and development of faculty, the Registrar’s office, Wallace Library, and Academic and Administrative Information.

Kevin Stilley

Chief Business Officer and Vice President of Finance | 214.818.1369

Mr. Stilley, as Chief Business Officer and Vice President of Finance, is responsible for overseeing sustainable financial, business, and other material services essential to the college’s successful achievement of its mission. He leads the financial offices, facilities, and human resources.

Russell Marriott

Vice President of Student Affairs | 214.818.1318

As Vice President of Student Affairs, Mr. Marriott oversees the student experience from enrollment to graduation. He manages the offices of admissions, financial aid, and student services, including programs, housing, and events.

Michael Clayton

Vice President of Advancement | 214.818.1350

In his role as Vice President of Advancement, Mr. Clayton provides leadership for the creation and implementation of college advancement initiatives and provides direction and support for the President’s fundraising activities. He manages all alumni and external relations, fundraising, and donor services.

Daisy Reynolds

Chief of Staff | 214.818.1360

The college’s Chief of Staff, Ms. Reynolds, manages all activities for the President and Board of Trustees. She acts as a point of contact between top management and employees or other constituencies, manages President’s office staff, and oversees and guides projects essential to the institution.

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