Why Criswell?


Criswell College is committed to helping you pursue God’s calling for your life.

Through our distinctively Christian curriculum and devoted faculty, you will be equipped for further study and poised to meet challenges in the field you choose to pursue.

At Criswell, you will be surrounded by an intimate community of faculty and students committed to engaging ideas with academic rigor for the sake of transforming culture. You will be prepared to join the many graduates who have gone on to successfully lead in a variety of roles, including college presidents, business owners, pastors, missionaries, counselors, and professors across the United States and throughout the world.

For more information about our program offerings, contact our Recruiter in the Enrollment Office.

The Criswell Distinction

Every undergraduate student at Criswell takes 42 hours of coursework in Bible, theology, and ministry. We make it a point to equip each of these students for a life of ministry, whether they’ll be in a classroom, a shareholder’s meeting, or a pulpit.

  • Hermeneutics

  • Biblical Languages & Tools

  • Old Testament Survey I & II

  • New Testament Survey I & II

  • Spiritual Foundations

  • Church History

  • Baptist History & Distinctives

  • Systematic Theology I & II

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Introduction to Biblical Exposition

  • International or Domestic Mission Practicum

A Devoted Faculty

The vast majority of our classes are taught by full-time faculty members. Our faculty members are highly credentialed to teach in their fields and also committed to the ministry of the church. The college’s small size enables professors not only to instruct but also mentor, providing you with an opportunity to explore ideas with depth and guidance.


A Close-Knit Community

You will not get lost in the crowd at Criswell. The college’s small size provides you with opportunities for deep and lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students. Additionally, the college’s location in the heart of Dallas enables you to connect with the broader community for leisure and, more importantly, for missions.


A Place to Contribute

Criswell has much to offer you as a student. But we also believe you have much to offer Criswell. As a student, you will add your unique personality, interests, and gifts to the Criswell community. Not only will you be trained to transform culture once you leave campus, you will actively be transforming the culture here as you learn. We look forward to you joining us.