Student Services

Student success is the primary goal of the Student Services Office.

Actualizing this goal requires as many services as there are needs. The Student Services Office is here to assist students in any way possible, whether it is in one of the areas below or just getting a student pointed in the right direction.

Student Handbook

To view all policies and procedures that relate to student conduct, academic services, campus organizations, and student rights, view our online Student Handbook.


When admitted to Criswell College, students meet with the Registrar for academic advising and course registration in order to begin working toward their degree completion. Students return to the Registrar’s Office each semester for assistance in course scheduling. Degree-seeking students also have access to the director of their academic program and should consult with him or her about the program, as well as about future professions and/or other academic degrees the student might pursue. For help with personal matters, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students in the Student Services Office.

If you do not know the name of your advisor, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 214.818.1303.

Student Success Center

Students at Criswell College are encouraged to take advantage of the resources located in the Student Success Center (SSC). At the SSC, students can receive peer-tutoring services (scheduled through SSC staff), schedule a counseling appointment with licensed staff or faculty, connect to different departments on campus, or be counseled in necessary steps to success in the classroom or on campus.

Please reach out to the Student Success Manager in order to set up an appointment with SSC staff or peer-tutors.

Ministry Placement

The Criswell Ministry Placement Program connects ministry minded students with specific churches or ministries in order to advance the gospel through local ministry.

If you are interested in the Ministry Placement Program, please complete the application and submit it to the Student Services Office.

Campus Employment

Many students are eligible for employment opportunities on campus. This is not a Title IV “work study” position, but a part time job on campus. Students are compensated directly for their work as opposed to being credited tuition assistance.

If you are interested in campus employment, please complete the application and submit it to the Student Services Office. Upon receiving the application we will notify you of any opportunities that become available.

Chapel Messages

Chapel is a time for students to worship God and grow together spiritually. Chapel is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00am throughout the semester. Click here to listen to previous messages.


Health is much more than just diet and exercise. There are times when academic success is impeded not only by struggles in the classroom, but also by external stressors. In order to facilitate success through such issues, both pastoral and certified counseling services are available to Criswell students. To schedule an appointment, contact the Dean of Students, Dr. Jeff Campbell.

Student Forms

Click here to access all forms related to a student’s academic or administrative needs.