Dr. Barry Creamer, Criswell College Alumni Named Research Fellows of ERLC

Brandon Smith

NASHVILLE – The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission announced today the relaunch of the ERLC Research Institute, naming Criswell President Dr. Barry Creamer as a Research Fellow. He will join other Southern Baptist leaders including Albert Mohler, David Dockery, Paige Patterson, Timothy George, Craig Blaising, and host of others.

Criswell College alumni were also well represented. Alumni named as fellows include: Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Barrett Duke, Vice President of Public Policy & Research at the ERLC; Dr. John Mark Yeats, Dean of Midwestern College; and Dr. David Allen, Dean of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

"Our task is to bring God’s truth to bear on the commands of authorities, the denials of skeptics, the expectations of co-workers, the pressure of peers, and the lusts of the flesh. Equipped in such a way, Christians standing at the intersection of faith and culture will have the relevant truths applied in a compelling, engaging, clear explanation of what God would have them know and do at that moment of their own challenge," said Dr. Duke. "The aim of the Research Institute is to be a catalyst to connect the agenda of the gospel to the complex questions of the day—and to do so at the highest levels of academic scholarship for the good of local congregations."


Brandon Smith is Director of Communications at Criswell College

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