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Alumni Highlight: Pierre Bitar ’17

Aaron Helm July 27, 2023

Pierre Bitar, a distinguished alumnus of Criswell College, carries a transformative journey steeped in faith and compassion. Graduating in 2017 with a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, Pierre’s path to ministry was marked by a profound encounter with the love of Christ. However, his story extends far beyond the confines of the College campus. 


Hailing from Egypt, Pierre’s own migrant experience has instilled in him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those who have emigrated from the Middle East. This shared background has led him to embrace a global calling, reaching out to migrants and refugees from the region. With unwavering empathy, Pierre dedicates himself to offering hope and support to those who have recently arrived in new lands, often with little more than faith as their guiding light. 


Pierre’s time at Criswell College not only strengthened his faith but also equipped him with the knowledge and skills to minister to others effectively. Delving deep into God’s Word during his studies, he discovered a profound connection to the heart of Christ’s teachings, inspiring him to share this transformative love with fellow migrants. Through his ministry, Pierre strives to bridge cultures and create a safe haven where others can find solace, understanding, and spiritual nourishment. 


One of Pierre’s fondest memories during his time at Criswell College was engaging in heartfelt conversations with professors and students in the coffee shop. These discussions laid the foundation for the compassionate servant leader he has become, committed to serving others with humility and devotion. 


To aspiring individuals seeking a Christ-centered career or ministry, Pierre offers invaluable advice. He encourages them never to underestimate the impact God can make through their lives, especially when reaching out to those in vulnerable circumstances. Trusting in God’s plan, Pierre urges them to pursue their calling with a passionate dedication to advancing God’s kingdom and spreading the message of Christ’s love. 


Beyond the College walls, Pierre’s ministry transcends borders and extends to the lives of fellow migrants, offering them the hope and support they need to navigate their new paths. His selfless dedication stands as an inspiring example of how faith, education, and empathy can be powerful catalysts for transforming lives and creating a positive impact on a global scale. 


Pierre Bitar’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of a Christ-centered education at Criswell College. His migrant experience from Egypt has enriched his ministry, enabling him to reach out to those who share similar backgrounds with compassion and understanding. Pierre’s story serves as a testament to the universal nature of Christ’s love and its ability to bridge cultures, bringing hope to those in need, and inspiring others to embrace their global calling in faith. 



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