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Alumni Highlight: Dustin Kleinschmidt ’20

Aaron Helm August 2, 2023

Introducing Dustin Kleinschmidt, an extraordinary individual whose story is truly inspiring. In 2020, he completed his studies at Criswell College, specializing in Christian Ministry, which paved the way for an unexpected and remarkable journey of unwavering faith and dedicated service.


Dustin’s commitment to serving others began when he first encountered Jesus during high school. From that moment on, he found himself deeply involved in his local church, utilizing his gifts to shepherd and lead those around him. As he matured spiritually, opportunities to make a lasting impact in ministry presented themselves, eventually leading him to become a Worship Director during his early twenties.


Seeking to enhance his leadership and shepherding abilities, Dustin embarked on a search for formal biblical training, which brought him to Criswell College. Impressed by the institution’s holistic approach to education, integrating theology with life and ministry, he knew he had found the perfect place to further his calling.


Among the cherished memories at Criswell, Dustin’s most standout experience was the transformative trip to Israel in 2019. It wasn’t just the places they visited but the people they encountered and the camaraderie within the team that left an indelible mark on him. He speaks fondly of the guidance provided by Bridger, the group’s leader during the journey.


Reflecting on his time at Criswell, Dustin credits the College with profoundly impacting his life, ministry, and career. The education he received there not only provided a solid theological foundation but also nurtured a deeper love for Jesus, His Church, and His Mission. Beyond the classroom, the friendships he forged with fellow students and staff extended into every aspect of his life and ministry, a testament to the profound influence of Criswell’s investment in him.


Today, as a pastor in Rockwall, Dustin witnesses the fruit of Criswell’s investment in him, as it continues to shape his ministry and empower him to make a positive impact in the lives of others. When asked for advice for aspiring young individuals considering a career in ministry, Dustin emphasizes the importance of abiding in Christ. For him, the crucial connection between personal relationship with Jesus and leadership in ministry cannot be overstated. Genuine leadership flows from a heart that diligently follows the Savior, regardless of outward success.


Dustin’s journey is a powerful testament to the discovery of one’s calling and purpose. Thanks to his time at Criswell College, he acquired invaluable knowledge, gained new perspectives, and formed meaningful relationships that continue to fuel his ministry and positively impact others. His story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how dedication, faith, and the right education can lead anyone to uncover their true purpose and make a lasting difference in the world.


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