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Alumni Highlight: Matthew Newman ’21

Aaron Helm July 12, 2023

In the realm of faith and leadership, few individuals have left as profound an impact as Matthew Newman, a distinguished alumnus of Criswell College. His educational journey and ministry have been intertwined, guided by a deep-rooted passion for a career centered around Christ. Having completed his Master’s degree in Christian Leadership in 2021, Matthew’s path to Criswell College was a fortuitous one, fueled by a quest for Christian leadership programs that led him to an unexpected discovery.


Matthew vividly recalls the moment he embarked on a search for Christian leadership programs, seeking an avenue to align his goals and interests. It was during this quest that he stumbled upon Criswell College, a beacon of knowledge and spiritual growth. The program at Criswell perfectly matched Matthew’s aspirations, offering a tailor-made educational journey that resonated deeply with his soul.


As Matthew immersed himself in the enriching environment of Criswell College, numerous memorable experiences etched themselves into his heart. Among them, one stood out as a defining moment: the systematic theology classes led by Dr. Graham. These classes delved into the very foundation of Matthew’s faith, challenging his beliefs and transforming him into a new and refined student. Through this profound experience, he emerged with a deeper understanding of his convictions and a fresh perspective on leadership.


Matthew’s time at Criswell College has left an indelible mark on every facet of his life, ministry, and career. Currently at the helm of a talent agency, he seamlessly integrates the leadership skills honed at Criswell into his daily work. What sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to lead through Christian principles, fearlessly infusing his faith into every aspect of his professional life. Matthew is driven by a deep desire to demonstrate to others why they believe what they believe, with the ultimate goal of making a lasting impact.


When asked to share advice with young individuals aspiring to enter ministry or pursue Christ-centered careers, Matthew emphasizes the importance of unapologetically challenging one’s own beliefs. He firmly believes that true growth and understanding can only be achieved through introspection and a willingness to embrace change. Matthew encourages others to view change as a catalyst for personal and spiritual development, an opportunity to broaden their horizons and deepen their connection with Christ.


One of the most profound concepts that has shaped Matthew’s approach to ministry and leadership is the notion that walls should not act as restraints, but rather as meeting places. He envisions a future where people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs come together, transcending barriers and transforming them into launching pads for personal and collective growth. This unique perspective has earned him admiration and respect from his peers, leading him to serve as the Western Regional Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters and as the Chaplain of the Beta Psi Lambda Chapter in Los Angeles.


Hailing from Houston, Matthew Newman has become a beacon of faith and leadership, inspiring others with his unwavering dedication to his calling. Criswell College provided him with a solid foundation for his career and ministry, enabling him to touch lives and make a lasting impact. Through his unapologetic approach, his unwavering belief in personal growth, and his visionary mindset, Matthew continues to inspire individuals to embrace their own Christ-centered calling, leaving an enduring legacy of faith and leadership.


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