R. Alan Streett

Senior Research Professor of Biblical Theology
R. Alan Streett 214.818.1343


  • 2011 Ph.D. (New Testament), University of Wales, Trinity Saint David (UK); Supervisor: Drs. William S. Campbell (1st) and Kathy Ehrensperger (2nd); Dissertation Topic: “The Lord’s Supper as an Anti-Imperial Praxis: An Analysis of Christian Meals in the Context of First-Century Roman Domination”
  • 1982 Ph.D. (Pastoral Theology), California Graduate School of Theology; Supervisor: Dr. I. D. E. Thomas; Dissertation Topic: “The Public Invitation: Its Nature, Biblical Validity and Practicability.” 
  • 1972 M.Div. (Pastoral Ministry and Missions), Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC)
  • 1969 B.A. (Major: Psychology; Minor: Sociology), University of Baltimore

Employment History

  • 2012 – Present  Senior Research Professor of Biblical Theology, Criswell College
  • 2007 – 2015  W. A. Criswell Endowed Professor of Expository Preaching
  • 2002 – 2012  Editor, Criswell Theological Review (CTR)
  • 1998 – 2007  Professor of Evangelism, Criswell College
  • 1988 – 1998  Founding Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church (Dallas, TX)
  • 1982 – 1988  Professor of Evangelism and New Testament, Criswell College
  • 1974 – 1988  President/Executive Director, Streett Meeting, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
  • 1972 – 1974  Executive Director, Hampstead Youth for Christ (Baltimore, MD)


Books, Chapters and Reviews:

  • Hymns of Resistance: Challenging Caesar’s Claims (forthcoming 2021).
  • “The Birth of Jesus,” in A Handbook of Matthew’s Gospel, Craig A. Evans, editor. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson (forthcoming 2020-21)
  • “Commentary on Second Peter and Jude,” in Commentary on Social Identity in the New Testament. Brian Tucker and Aaron Keucker, editors. London: T & T Clark/Bloomsbury (forthcoming, 2020).
  • “Baptism as a Politically Subversive Act,” Bible and Interpretation. University of Arizona (2019).
  • Review of “Raised on Christian Milk: Food and Formation of the Soul in Early Christianity” Catholic Biblical Quarterly. Washington, DC: Catholic University of America, 2019.
  • Caesar and the Sacrament: Baptism as a Ritual of Resistance. Eugene, OR: Cascade (2018).
  • “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” “Mormonism,” “Christian Science,” The Worldview Study Bible, David Dockery, General Editor. Nashville: Holman (2018).
  • “A Place at the Table,” Peer Evaluator. Pretoria: New Testament Society of South Africa (2018).
  • “Oneness Pentecostalism,” “Ouija Board,” “Transcendental Meditation,” “Yin, Yang,” “Martial Arts,” The Evangelical Dictionary of World Religions, Wayne House, editor. Grand Rapids: Baker Books (forthcoming, 2018).
  • Subversive Meals: Eating the Lord’s Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century. Cambridge: Lutterworth/James Clark, UK edition (2017).
  • “Edward John Carnell,” Evangelical America: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Cultures, eds. Timothy Demy and Paul R. Shockley. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood (2017).
  • “Apologetics,” Theology, Church, and Ministry: A Handbook for Theological Education, David Dockery, Ed. Nashville: B&H Academic (2017).
  • “Food in the Bible,” Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics, Robert L. Brawley, General Editor London: Oxford University Press (2015).
  • Heaven on Earth. Experiencing the Kingdom of God—Here and Now! Russian edition. Saint Petersburg, Russia (2015).
  • “Agapé Feasts in Second Peter as a Means of Forming Christian Social Identity,” The T&T Clark Handbook of Social Identity and the New Testament, Brian Tucker and Coleman Baker, eds. London: T&T, Bloomsbury (2014).
  • Heaven on Earth. Experiencing the Kingdom of God—Here and Now! Eugene, OR: Harvest House (2013).
  • Subversive Meals: Eating the Lord’s Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century, Pickwick (2013).
  • “Applying the Word.” com(2012). Deals with the effective use of the sermon’s conclusion in the applying the text to the audience.
  • “What is the Christian Identity Movement?”If God Made the Universe Who Made God?—103 Arguments for Christian Faith. Broadman and Holman, 2012 .
  • Blackwell Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, 4 Vols. George Kurian, editor. Wiley Blackwell, Oxford, UK (2011). I contributed twelve biographical articles to this four volume set:

Charles E. Fuller
Kathryn Kulhman
Rueben A. Torrey
Demos Shakarian
Dennis Bennett
Oral Roberts
W. A. Criswell
Peter Marshall
Aimee Semple McPherson
Church of New Jerusalem
Emmanuel Swedenborg
Snake Handling

  • “The Altar Call and Calvinism.”Whosoever Will: A Biblical and Theological Critique of John 3:16. David Allen and Steve Lemke, eds. Broadman & Holman, 2010.
  • “Twisted Scriptures” (60 entries). The Apologetics Study Bible, Ray Clendenen and Ted Cabal, editors. Broadman and Holman, 2008. Wrote the entire commentary for this major Study Bible. Each entry is set off as a shadowed display box within the body of the text, and deals with the key verses that cults twist to fit their errant theology.
  • The Effective Invitation (revised and updated, Kregel, 2004). The definitive text on the subject of persuasive evangelistic preaching. Includes a practical workbook in the appendix that walks the busy pastor step-by-step through the invitation process. 278 pp.
  • How Do You Plead? (Good News/Crossway, 2002).  Gospel tractate which has been distributed en masse (100,000+ copies) throughout the USA and Europe
  • The Effective Invitation (Kregel, 1995).  Reprint of my original book.  Has received wide circulation in seminaries and Bible colleges as a textbook on preaching. 256 pp.
  • Lifestyle Witnessing (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 1988), chapters 7-9.  These chapters were written at the request of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for inclusion in their course book on evangelism.
  • La Invitacion Eficaz (Casa Bautista, 1987).  The Spanish edition of The Effective Invitation.
  • The Effective Invitation (Fleming H. Revell, 1984).  A popularization of my doctoral dissertation dealing with the subject of evangelistic preaching and appeals.  Used as a text in seminaries and Bible colleges. 256 pp.
  • Panorama of Baltimore (Billy Graham Association, 1982).  An historical analysis of Baltimore’s religious roots.  Commissioned by Billy Graham in preparation for his Greater Baltimore Evangelistic Crusade


Selected Articles and Peer Reviewed Papers

  • “The Three White Wolves: The Legacy of the Pyke Family in North China,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research (New Haven, CT). This project presents the life, ministry and contributions of a family of Methodist missionaries who served in China from the 1800’s to their expulsion from the country by the Communists in 1950 (Forthcoming, 2021).
  • “Giving Caesar His Due: The Religio-Political Significance of Mark 12:13-17” – A Response to Nick Perrin: Peer reviewed paper to be delivered at national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), San Diego, CA, November 2014. Section: “Sayings of Jesus Consultation.”
  • “A Kingdom Solution to the SBC Decline in Membership,” SBC Today, June 9, 2014.
  • “The Agapé Feast in Second Peter: Abuses and Misuses” Paper delivered at national meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), Baltimore, MD, November 2013.  Section: “Letters of James, 2 Peter and Jude Study Group.”
  • “Jesus’ Anti-imperial Meals in the Gospel of Luke.” Paper delivered at the national meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), Baltimore, MD, November 2013. Section: “Jesus and the Gospels Study Group.”
  • “Subversive Eating: The Lord’s Supper as a Hidden Transcript,” Peer-reviewed paper delivered at SW regional meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Arlington, TX, March 2012.
  • “Snake Handling and Mark 16:18: Primitive Christianity or Indigenous American Religion?” CTR, Vol 8, No 1 (Fall 2010).
  • “An Interview with Herbert Benson,” (Associate Professor of Harvard Medical School and best-selling author), CTR, Vol 8, No. 1 (Fall 2010).
  •  “An Interview with Gary Elkins,” (Professor of Psychology and Director of Mind-Body Research Institute at Baylor University), CTR, Vol. 7, No. 2 (Spring 2010).
  • “Dinner with Jesus: The Lord’s Supper in Light of the Kingdom.” Peer-reviewed paper delivered at national Evangelical Theological Society meeting in San Diego,             CA, November 2007.
  • “George Bush’s America and the Kingdom of God,” Peer-reviewed paper delivered at national Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting, Washington, DC, November 2006.
  • “The Emergent Church: An Interview with Brian McLaren,” Criswell Theological Review (CTR), 3:2 (Spring, 2006).
  • “Snake Handling Cults of Appalachia.” Peer-reviewed paper delivered at the national Evangelical Theological Society meeting, Valley Forge, PA, November 2005.
  • “Kingdom-Driven Evangelism,” Peer-reviewed paper given at the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education national meeting, Washington, DC, October 2005.
  • “The New Perspective on Paul: An Interview with N. T. Wright,” CTR, 2:2             (Spring, 2005).
  • “The New Perspective on Paul: An Interview with Martin Hengel,” CTR, 2:2       (Spring, 2005). Peer-reviewed paper presented at the national Evangelical Theological Society meeting, San Antonio, TX, November 2004.
  • “Open Theism: Evangelicalism’s Latest Controversy,” CTR, 1:2 (Spring 2004). SBC Life, June 2004.
  • “Open Theism: An Interview with Darrell Bock,” CTR, Spring 2004.
  • “Open Theism: An Interview with Norm Geisler,” CTR, Spring 2004.
  • “The Kingdom of God and American Individualism,” Journal of Theology and    Ministry, October 2003.
  • “Gospel of John, First and Second Corinthians, First Peter, Revelation,” The Legacy Project, 1998-2004. I edited sermons of the late W. A. Criswell in               preparation for publication.
  • “T. D. Jakes and the Oneness Pentecostal Revival,” Peer-evaluated paper delivered at the national Evangelical Theological Society meeting, Toronto, Canada, November 2002.
  • “The Kingdom of God and American Individualism,” Peer-reviewed paper delivered at the national Evangelical Theological Society meeting, Colorado Spring, CO, November 2001.
  • “Responding to the Cults,” Billy Graham Association, 1989. Four-part video series used to train BGEA telephone counselors.
  • “Who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses?” Grason, 1989. A critical review of this American-bred movement.
  • “A Tour of Criswell College.” Wrote, edited, and produced this recruiting             brochure and video, 1986.
  • “Understanding the Cults,” Gateway TVM Video, 1986.  Ten-part video series examining America’s most popular cults.
  • “Behold, the Man!” SMI, 1986.  Producer of this contemporary reenactment of the crucifixion. Aired on television and cable channels throughout the USA.
  • “Unlocking the Secret of the Occult.” The Young Salvationist, October 1984.
  • “How to Spot a Cult” (part 2).  War Cry.  Vol. 104, No. 38, 1984.
  • “How to Spot a Cult” (part 1).  War Cry.  Vol. 104, No. 37, 1984.
  • “How to Spot a False Cult.” Christian Life Magazine, March 1984.
  • “Treasures on Earth: A Look at the Gospel of Prosperity” The Shophar.  Vol. 7, No. 2, Summer 1983.
  • “Waiting to be Discovered,” Helen Boese. David C. Cook, 1977. Subject of this biographical article.

Lecture Series and Other Ministry Projects

  • Teacher of the 250 member Presidents’ Bible Class (2002-present).
  • Member of the Ordination Council, First Baptist Church Dallas, 2010-2011.
  • Preacher at First Baptist Church (Dallas, TX) for Senior Pastors W. A. Criswell, Mac Brunson, and Robert Jeffress, respectively.
  • Conference Speaker, First Baptist Jacksonville Annual Pastor’s Conference, Jacksonville, FL, 2012.
  • Plenary Speaker. One Hundredth Anniversary Celebration of the ministry of W. A Criswell. Dallas, TX, 2010. Topic: “W. A. Criswell as a Pastor and Evangelist.”
  • Plenary Speaker, Expository Preaching Conference, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX. 2008.
  • Master Coach/Teacher, Global Outreach Academy 2007 and 2008 (Dr. Ramesh Richard, Executive Director). This involved training a select group of young church leaders from twenty-five countries on effective evangelistic strategies.
  • Plenary Speaker, Institutes for Expository Preaching.  Stephen Olford Ministries, Memphis, TN. 2004, 2005.
  • William Newton Paschal Memorial Lectures, Baptist Missionary Association Seminary (Jacksonville, TX). The Paschal Scholarly Lecture is an annual three-day scholarly event. Topic: “An Evangelical Response to Open Theism.” 2004.
  • Plenary Speaker, State evangelism conferences in VA, OK, TX, WV, CO, AR, MI, FL.
  • Curriculum Advisor, Hispanic Theological Seminary.  Wrote evangelism curriculum.
  • Board of Directors, Baltimore Breakfast Group, affiliated with the National [Presidential] Prayer Breakfast and sponsor of annual Mayor’s and Governor’s Prayer Breakfasts
  • Board of Directors (1997-2003), Watchman Fellowship, a nationwide ministry devoted to apologetics and the understanding of New Religious Movements.
  • Member, General and Financial Committees for the Greater Baltimore Billy Graham Crusade.
  • President, USA Branch, University of Wales Alumni Association.

Professional Affiliations

Full Membership in:

  • Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
  • Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
  • Tyndale Fellowship (Cambridge, UK)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)


  • Personal Evangelism
  • Church Evangelism
  • Church Planting
  • History and Theology of Missions
  • Theology of Evangelism
  • Evangelistic Preaching
  • Principles of Expository Preaching
  • Sermon Delivery
  • Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • Evangelism in the Book of Acts
  • Kerygma: Discovering the authentic Gospel in the Book of Acts
  • Kingdom of God: Ecclesiology in Eschatological Perspective
  • History of American Revivalism
  • Apologetics
  • Theology of the Cults
  • New Age Movement