Campus Life


Whether you’re on campus or exploring the streets of Dallas, you won’t run out of things to do and people to meet at Criswell.

While student life happens all over the city, campus life is fueled by a few main components:


Coffee Shop

The Criswell Coffee Shop is at the center of campus and is the heart of campus life. Here students enjoy a cup of coffee and engage in great conversations with professors, fellow students, and staff. These conversations often lead to new friendships, clearer theological positions, or new ministry ideas and opportunities.



Campus events are planned annually and are centered on engaging and celebrating students, as well as providing opportunities to deepen and strengthen community. Everything from the Back to School Bash, to the Criswell Cinema, to the new Wallies Award Show is planned anew every year, with each year’s students in mind.


Clubs and Organizations

Student Government

The Student Government is composed of two peer elected officials (President and Vice President), who serve as official representatives of student governance and student needs, concerns, and issues. They play in integral role in the planning and hosting of campus events, as well as the development of support programs to better serve the student body. The student body of Criswell College chooses these officers during election season each spring semester for a one-year term.

Criswell Ambassadors

The Criswell Ambassadors assist the administration and act as liaisons between Criswell College and its outside constituencies, including the Board of Trustees, alumni, current and prospective donors, parents, faculty, staff, the community at-large, and current students. The inaugural group of Ambassadors include eight students spanning different majors and class distinctions who have been selected to serve the College in this distinguished role.

Young Women for America

Young Women for America (YWA) seeks to train the next generation to protect and promote biblical values on campus and among all citizens. A project of the Christian conservative policy organization Concerned Women for America (CWA), the purpose of a YWA chapter is to educate ourselves and others, in addition to praying for and taking action on seven core issues: Family, Sanctity of Life, Religious Liberty, Sexual Exploitation, National Sovereignty, Education, and Support for Israel. YWA meets on campus monthly or bi-monthly.

Campus Safety

Whether located in a rural countryside or an urban setting like ours, safety is an important part of being in community. The Criswell College Police Department works to keep students safe and secure while on campus. Visit the Campus Police page for more information.