Online Students

318a4205aCriswell College offers students two master’s programs fully online, the Master of Arts in Christian Studies and the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. Additionally, students in traditional programs may also take up to 25% of their total degree plan online to help with the ease of scheduling.

Online students should be motivated self-starters who will be driven to complete assignments in a timely manner and by the dates indicated on each class schedule.

Online courses are condensed and offer full 3 credit hours over an 8 week period instead of the normal 16 weeks.

Online courses at Criswell College are text based with weekly assigned textbook reading and lecture content. The courses foster community through online asynchronous class discussions. Courses typically include written assignments and/or projects, quizzes, exams, and elements of research. Many courses are supplemented with devotional materials and video files. Each course provides a schedule detailing when every assignment is due over the duration of the term.

Note: There is a $150 course fee for taking each online course. This fee is used to help support the cost of the content management system. The content management system used at Criswell College is Canvas.


Online Education Attendance

Weekly student participation and response in online courses is considered necessary for the learning process. In distance education courses, weekly participation is equivalent to class attendance. Online participation may include: e-mail to faculty/class members, response to a discussion board posting, an assignment being turned in, and/or other communication which reflects ongoing learning in the course.