Scott Shiffer

Adjunct Professor of Theology; Program Director of M.A. in Christian Studies & M.A. in Christian Leadership
Dr. Scott Shiffer, Senior Director of Information, Adjunct Professor of Theology, Director of Distance Education, and Program Director of M.A. in Christian Studies and M.A. in Christian Leadership
Scott Shiffer 214.818.1316
  • 2014 Ph.D. in Theology from B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Faith and Heritage Cluster
  • 2005 Master of Arts in Theology degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • 2002 Bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University with a major in Biblical Studies
  • Shiffer, Scott. A Study of Romantic Imagery in Scripture in Comparison with Contemporary Christian Music: Love Between the Creator and the Created as Marriage Metaphor in Song. Masters Thesis, October 2005.
  • Pop-Culture and Faith Newsletter, various articles written, and general editor, April 2005-2010.
  • Shiffer, Scott. “Theological Reflections and Philosophical Themes in the New DC Comic Films: Faith and Spirituality, Self- Identity, and Worldview through Comic Book Cartoon Movie Adaptations” in Light Shining in a Dark Place: Discovering Theology Through Film, ed. Jeff Sellers (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2012).
  • Shiffer, Scott. “Tales of The Green Lantern Corps: Technology and Virtue in the War of Light (focus on the animated Green Lantern cartoons and films)” in Science Fiction and the Abolition of Man (Fall 2016).
  • Shiffer, Scott. “The Problem of Evil: An Alternative to Plantinga’s Free Will Defense.” The Good, the True, and the Beautiful: A Tribute to Dr. David K. Naugle. Publication Forthcoming.

MOOC (2014)

  • Human Nature in Film: Topics in Philosophy (Fall 2014). 1,011 Students Enrolled.

Adjunct Professor at Criswell College (Spring 2013 – Present)

  • THS 504/101 – Spiritual Foundations
  • THS 550 – Theology Intensive: Eschatology
  • THS 603/203 – Church History
  • BIB 105/505 – Hermeneutics
  • THS 201/510 – Systematic Theology I
  • THS 301//515 – Systematic Theology II
  • THS 102 – Survey of Theology
  • PHI 201 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 502 – Philosophy of Religion
  • SEM 400 – Senior Seminar

Adjunct Professor of Theology, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Arlington, TX (Summer 2012 – Present)

  • Christian Theology I (FHBTH 5111) – Master’s Level Course.
  • Christian Theology II (FHBTH 5112) – Master’s Level Course
  • Christian Theology III (FHBTH 5113) – Master’s Level Course

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK (Fall 2010)

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1301)

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Cedar Valley Community College, Lancaster, TX (Spring 2007 – Present)

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1301)

Adjunct Professor of Religion, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX (Fall 2007 – Present)

  • Systematic Theology II (RELI 4301)
  • Systematic Theology (RELI 4350)
  • Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 3302)
  • Christian Doctrine (RELI 3304)
  • New Testament Survey (RELI 1302)
  • Old Testament Survey (RELI 1301)
  • Elementary Greek I (GREK 1401)
  • Elementary Greek II (GREK 1402)
  • Intermediate Greek I (GREK 2301)
  • Intermediate Greek II (GREK 2302)
  • History of Christianity (RELI 3383)
  • The Early Life and Letters of Paul (RELI 4321)
  • The Later Life and Letters of Paul (RELI 4322)
  • ACCESS – Christian Distance Education Association (2010-2011)
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