Criswell College Alumni Day Features Daniel Akin, David Allen

DALLAS – Last month, Criswell College welcomed alumni to campus for its annual Alumni Day. The event was kicked off with a chapel message from alum and former professor, Dr. Daniel Akin (B.A., 1980), President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Preaching from 3 John, Dr. Akin reminded the packed chapel service that their reputation is their most valuable possession. “It goes with you wherever you go; it also goes where you don’t go,” he said. “It follows you all of your life, and indeed it will also continue to follow you after you are dead and gone.” He further exhorted the crowd to remember that their public lives are a witness to a watching world.

The chapel service was followed by an alumni-only lunch and Q&A session with Akin, alum and former professor Dr. David Allen of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (B.A., 1978), and Criswell alum and current president Dr. Barry Creamer (M.Div., 1994). During the Q&A session, a group of 65 alumni gathered to glean insights from Akin, Allen, and Creamer on ministry, theology, leadership, and Christian living.

During his sermon, Akin noted that “whatever is good in my life, I attribute much of it to what I received as a student here at Criswell College.” Reflecting on the event, Dr. Allen said, “I was honored to participate in Criswell College’s Alumni Day. Being on campus brought back a flood of memories for me.” Both men also commended Dr. Creamer on his leadership, anticipating a bright future for the college.

Dr. Creamer remarked afterward, “What has encouraged me most since becoming president at Criswell is the number of people desiring to see the college flourish and who are ready and willing to do something about it. Our recent alumni day was a perfect example. Dr. Akin was beyond gracious in his leadership for the day—traveling from Southeastern, bringing a great chapel sermon, and demonstrating love for the college and support for me the whole day. Dr. Allen was equally gracious to participate in the Q&A with Dr. Akin during lunch. But really, I think the stars of the day were all the alumni who came from everywhere to reconnect, both with the school and with each other.”