Criswell College acquires Haskell Avenue property

Kendall Lyons | July 2, 2020

Criswell College acquired the property located at 709 Haskell Avenue on Thursday, June 11. The property includes a retail space and an apartment adjacent to Criswell’s parking lot.

Friday morning, faculty and staff did a walkthrough tour of the retail space and the two-story apartment, followed by a devotional with scripture and prayer led by Dr. Christopher Graham. Words of reflection on the historic acquisition were shared by Criswell College President Barry Creamer.

“We thank God for meeting that need—for making us the blessed new owners of 709 Haskell Avenue,” Creamer said.

Creamer recalled the decades-long challenge faced by the institution in previous attempts to negotiate terms for taking over the retail space and apartment building.

“When I began studying on the new campus of Criswell College as an MDiv student in 1990, the college had managed to acquire Gaston Avenue Baptist Church’s substantial block of urban real estate, minus one piece: 709 Haskell Avenue. As professors raved about the new campus, I vaguely remember their comments about wishing the school had that missing corner,” Creamer said.

“When the time is right, soon, we can proceed toward truly completing our block. In the short term, with a little work, the newly added property may serve as housing for students, a venue for activities, or even potential warehouse or workspace. But in the longer term it will make a huge difference as Criswell College plans its future on the block God has provided for us in old East Dallas.”