Creamer Adds Name To Statement on Religious Liberty

December 13, 2016

Earlier today the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom released a joint statement entitled “Preserve Freedom, Reject Coercion” which was accompanied by a list of more than 75 signatories.

The statement discourages the passage of sexual orientation and gender identity laws, which pose a threat to Christians seeking to publicly live by Christian convictions.

“In recent years, there have been efforts to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classifications in the law—either legislatively or through executive action,” the statement reads. “These proposed laws threaten basic freedoms of religion, conscience, speech, and association; violate privacy rights; and expose citizens to significant legal and financial liability for practicing their beliefs in the public square.”

Criswell College president Barry Creamer was among the signatories, which also included other prominent evangelicals such as Danny Akin, D. A. Carson, David Dockery, Ryan T. Anderson, Russell Moore, Eric Metaxas, and Al Mohler.

“The decades long push against religious liberty still looms large,” Creamer said. “Our hope is to reestablish an appreciation of religious freedoms through every day of the week, in every facet of life, for every person of conscience. We have no desire to control others’ choices, but we do desire to see our constitutionally protected right to practice our beliefs preserved.”

Read the full statement and list of signatories here.