Types of Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is a federal program of entitlement basic to all other student financial aid.  This grant is awarded only to undergraduate students pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, and enrolled in at least one course. The program is based on a need analysis formula, which considers family income and assets, size of family, number of children attending post-secondary schools, and other factors. The formula is applied when application is made with FAFSA and notification amounts are transmitted to our office electronically with the student’s FAFSA file.

The Pell Grant will be disbursed in two equal payments. The first half will be applied to the student’s account at the beginning of the enrollment period.  The second half will be applied at the midpoint of the enrollment period. www.studentaid.ed.gov


Criswell Scholarships

Thanks to generous friends and supporters, Criswell College provides institutional aid to students who meet the scholarships criteria. Policies governing Criswell scholarships can be found on the Resources and Policy page, and criteria lists for each Criswell scholarship can be found by viewing our Scholarship Policy.


Outside Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office can provide students with a list of available outside scholarships. Email the Financial Aid Office for more information. The following sites are excellent resources to search for additional scholarships:

Student Employment

Criswell College offers part time employment to a limited number of students each semester. While we cannot guarantee positions will be open every semester, you can contact the Student Services Office for more information and to inquire about potential opportunities.