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Theological Discussion Groups

  • The Theology List – The Theology List is designed to encourage friendly discussion and debate in all areas of Evangelical Christian theology. In all discussions, the Bible is assumed to be inerrant; the standard to be used for the evaluation of any Christian theological belief. This list has been in operation since 1992.

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Biblical Studies Discussion Groups

  • Biblical Studies List – The purpose of this list is to allow the interested person to post questions regarding the whole gamut of Biblical Studies. Archaeology, linguistics, exegesis, history, textual issues, all are legitimate areas of inquiry for this list.
  • Biblical Greek List – B-Greek is a mailing list for scholars and students of Biblical Greek. Its main focus is upon understanding the Greek text of the Bible. Discussion topics include scholarly study of the Greek Bible and related Jewish and Christian Greek texts, tools for beginning and advanced students of Biblical Greek such as textbooks, reference works, bibliography and research tools, and linguistic topics such as morphology, lexicography, syntax,and discourse analysis.
  • Biblical Hebrew List – B-Hebrew is an e-mail conference of academic professionals, teachers, students, clergy and laity, people of any faith, devoted to a better understanding of the Hebrew Bible. As such, a variety of topics are discussed related to the Biblical languages, the history of the text and its study, the culture of the Ancient Near East, the literary analysis of the Hebrew Bible, and more.

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