Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Learn to redeem our culture for God’s glory.

Criswell’s Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) program lays a solid foundation for successfully engaging ideas – from the ancient to the contemporary – in the public square and in the church. PPE graduates understand local, national, and international issues, news, politics, and economics, and they appreciate history, culture, the arts, and how believers can redeem it all for God’s glory. PPE graduates know how to help the poor (both physically and spiritually), how to pass that knowledge on to others, and how to live and flourish in a fallen world until the Lord returns.


Minimum Degree Requirements (120 Hours)


General Education Core Studies (33 Hours)

COM 202       Introduction to Speech Communication
ENG 101        Composition I
ENG 201        Composition II
HUM 201      Roman World
HUM 302      Modern World
HUM 404      Faith and Culture
MTH 201       Elementary Statistics
PHI 201         Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 101         Introduction to Psychology

Two semesters of foreign language:
ARB 301        Arabic I
ARB 302        Arabic II
GRK 201        Greek I
GRK 202        Greek II
HEB 301        Hebrew I
HEB 302        Hebrew II


Bible and Theology Core Studies (33 Hours)

BIB 105         Hermeneutics
BIB 110         Biblical Languages and Tools
NTS 101        New Testament Survey I
NTS 201        New Testament Survey II
OTS 101        Old Testament Survey I
OTS 201        Old Testament Survey II
THS 101        Spiritual Foundations
THS 201        Church History
THS 202        Baptist History and Distinctives
THS 203        Systematic Theology I
THS 301        Systematic Theology II


Ministry Core Studies (9 Hours)

EMS 101        Personal Evangelism
MIN 201        Introduction to Biblical Exposition

EMS 427        Domestic Service Practicum

Or both:
EMS 428        Global Service Practicum and
EMS 429        Global Service Practicum Lab (non-credit)

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics Major (30 Hours)

ECN 302         Microeconomics
ECN 402         Macroeconomics
HUM 210       Politics and Law in Western Civilization
PHI 215          Critical Thinking
PHI 402          Introduction to Ethics
PHI 415          Metaphysics and Epistemology
POL 201         Government of the United States
POL 301         State and Local Government
POL 302         The Constitution of the United States
POL 410         Political Economy


Open Electives (15 Hours)

Although students do not declare minors, the equivalent of a minor may be completed by devoting all elective hours toward one discipline.


Applied Core Curriculum

AMP 100         Applied Ministry Project (non-credit, required each semester)


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