Resources & Support

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Academic Appeals

Criswell College is committed to helping each student reach his or her full academic potential. In certain circumstances, such as disputed course grades, academic policies, or decisions, students may submit an academic appeal to the Academic Cabinet. The appeal process is fully outlined in the current academic catalog. Submitting an appeal provides no guarantee of approval.


Academic Honesty/Plagiarism

Academic dishonesty includes plagiarism, cheating, and any attempt to acquire course credit for academic work through false or dishonest means. Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s ideas or work as one’s own, whether intentionally or not. Students must be sure their written work is original, or that it properly cites the work of others. Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. For more information on plagiarism click here.



Information on student academic advising may be found here. Each student is assigned an academic advisor. Students may set up appointments with advisors or stop by their offices during office hours to learn better how to navigate their academic careers most effectively.


Canvas and Sonis

Criswell College uses Canvas as its web-based learning tool, and Sonis for student data. Students needing assistance with either of these resources should contact the Campus Software Manager.



Criswell offers various Institutes on campus. The Criswell Institute for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and the Hope for the Heart Counseling Institute offer students even more opportunities to learn about these subjects and chances to apply what they are learning in the classroom through fellowship, reading, and travel experiences.


Prospectus/Thesis Guidelines

A thesis option is available in most of the Masters programs at Criswell College. The pursuit of a thesis is a multi-step process, which is outlined in the Thesis Guidelines and requires submission of the Prospectus/Thesis Approval Form.



Textbook requirements are available in the SONIS Student Portal. Many textbooks can be purchased at the DTS Book Center. Other textbooks must be purchased online, directly from the publisher, or from the professor. For special purchasing requirements, contact the professor.


Writing Center

Information on the Criswell College Writing Center may be found here. The Writing Center assists students in improving their writing skills and developing their ideas.


Writing Styles

Professors can choose from different writing styles when assigning course work. Various styles include, APA, MLA, Turabian, and the Criswell Manual of Style. Click here to download the Criswell Manual of Style.