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Information about Final Grades

Official grades are posted in CAMS. Students can view their grades in the CAMS Student Portal. Final grades are due one week after the end of a semester or term (except for Spring semester final grades for students who are graduating—see Academic Calendar).

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Access Final Grades in CAMS


Name Change

Criswell College requires that an individual’s full LEGAL name be included on the student’s records. Upon admission to the College, every effort is made to ascertain the applicant’s LEGAL name. Once the legal name has been determined, that becomes the official name of record. It will only be changed by the Office of the Registrar upon presentation of the Name Change Request form and a legal document to validate the name change. The legal document must be the original document or a certified copy of the original document. Acceptable legal documents include the following:

  • birth certificate,
  • marriage certificate/license,
  • divorce decree including reinstatement of former name,
  • annulments,
  • court order for legal name change, and
  • adoption documents.

Photocopies and faxes are not acceptable.



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