Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research is to support the mission of the college by providing information and assistance necessary for the college to fulfill its planning, assessment, and reporting responsibilities.


The Office of IEIR’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Reporting institutional data to governmental entities and other external agencies
  • Collecting, evaluating and providing data to college departments and offices
  • Conducting research and surveys in support of the college’s strategic planning
  • Coordinating assessments of institutional effectiveness
  • Assisting in the college’s accreditation responsibilities


Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness is an ongoing, integrated, and documented process of measuring the college’s performance against its mission. This process ensures that the college is effective in fulfilling its mission and that all levels and departments of the college are aligned with its mission. Planning and assessment activities related to institutional effectiveness are conducted according to the college’s Annual Planning Cycle.


Institutional Research

As the office responsible for collecting and providing data related to the college, the IEIR Office assists executive management and the college community by providing reliable and relevant data for strategic planning, budgeting, accountability, institutional assessment, program review, and policy decisions.

Information about the college is also available to students, parents, and the general public at College Navigator. To request additional information, email the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research or call 214.818.1313.