Our Values


We value…

The Christian Word. 

Imagine having the same textbook in every class. At Criswell, everything we teach is saturated with Scripture. You will be grounded in a core of intense classes in theological and Biblical studies such as Old Testament, New Testament, theology, hermeneutics and the original Biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew.

The Christian Worldview. 

How do you reach a changing culture with an unchanging message? Criswell will equip you to engage in the marketplace of ideas through classes in humanities, philosophy, ethics, natural science, logic, faith and culture, and others. You will learn to view every aspect of life - politics, art, culture, etc. - through a Christian frame of reference.

The Christian Witness. 

As a student here, not only do you need school supplies and textbooks, you might need a passport. Because of our passion to reach the nations for Christ we require every student to have an international mission experience, either domestically or abroad. Dallas is an international city, full of diverse people groups. As a student, you will engage an international community either in the U.S. or in a country like Israel, Turkey, Kenya, or China. Every student is also required to complete an Applied Ministry Project each semester. At Criswell, you will start doing ministry now.

Our prayer for you as you consider Criswell is that you will start looking at the world as your mission field. We long for the day when every nation, tribe, and tongue will gather around the throne. Criswell College is preparing students to go to the ends of the earth to make this a reality. Will you join us?

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