Student Email Policy

Summary: This policy provides guidelines for the use of student email accounts for all official communication between the college and its students. This policy applies only to email communication between the college and students who are considered “enrolled” at the time of communication.


1. Criswell College has established email as a primary means of communication between faculty, staff and students. Each registered student is assigned an official Criswell College email account (email addresses for these accounts are determined according to a standardized naming system based on student UIDs). All official college email communications to enrolled students will be sent exclusively to students’ institutional email accounts.* Official college email includes any communication from faculty and/or staff that is directly related to the college.

*Exceptions: College staff members are permitted to use students’ personal email addresses when communicating in regard to financial requirements, admission, or when contacting alumni.

2. Students are expected to check their student email accounts regularly and to respond in an appropriate and timely manner to all communications from faculty and administrative departments.

3. Students are permitted to setup automatic forwarding of emails from their student email accounts to one or more personal email accounts. The student is responsible to setup and maintain email forwarding without assistance from college staff. If a student chooses to use this forwarding option, he/she will continue to be responsible for responding appropriately to all communications from faculty and administrative departments of the college. Criswell College bears no responsibility for the use of emails that have been forwarded from student email accounts to other email accounts.

4. Criswell College faculty and administrative departments will observe all institutional policies and legal requirements, including those established under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), to maximize the security of sensitive or confidential information sent to student email accounts.

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