Introducing the Church Planting and Revitalization Major


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The Church Planting and Revitalization Major was created for students who are called to serve God by establishing churches and helping established churches to better fulfill the Great Commission. The CPR degree will be pursued as a second major in addition to the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. The class requirements for the new major are listed below followed by the general Bachelor of Arts Degree requirements.

The new church planting and revitalization degree at Criswell College provides the theological depth for which Criswell is noted and combines it with practical training— an excellent combination that will lead to powerful Great Commission impact. ~ Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research

I believe that if we are going to penetrate lostness in North America with the Gospel, we must do it through a dynamic church planting movement. That is why I am so encouraged about the church planting and revitalization program Criswell College has introduced. We need strong churches in every community that will bring the whole of Christ and we must equip our future generations to be effective church planters and effective pastors. What a blessing it is to have ministry partners like Criswell College in the Southern Baptist family. ~ Kevin Ezell, President, North American Mission Board, SBC

Evangelism and missions have always been at the heart of Criswell College. The new Church Planting and Revitalization degree is an avenue to better equip those called of God in those two specific areas. A sharp axe cuts more wood. Getting this degree sharpens the axe. ~ Jim Richards, Executive Director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention


EMS 102: A study of the biblical basis of evangelism, a brief history of evangelism, and various aspects of a perennial program of evangelism in the local assembly of believers. Particular emphasis will be given to discipleship and church growth.

CPR 201: A course that develops a theology of missions and examines the concept of Missio Dei, which acknowledges that the initiative for missions come directly from God. The writings of Donald Gruder, Lesslie Newbigen, Tim Keller and Ed Stetzer and others will be used to apply Missio Dei to church planting.

CPR301: A basic introductory course, covering subjects from qualifications of the planter to methodological strategies involved in church planting and revitalization.

CPR401: An exploration of the different church planting models that are prevalent today, including accelerated church planting, traditional-style churches, and the house church movement.

MIN403:A practical, theoretical, and theological examination of the role and work of the pastor, including as counselor, teacher, comforter, administrator, and intercessor. Principles of personal time management, interpersonal skills, leadership, and motivation are also examined.

CPR415: A hands-on practicum involving either an internship in a recent local church plant or a NAMB study trip to a "pioneer" area within the United States. The main components of the course include in-depth analysis and assessment of the work being observed.

CPR 402: An analysis of the theological foundations for church growth in order to critique the church growth movement and benefit from its history. Principles of church growth theory are evaluated and applied to specific field situations. Strategies for targeting community needs and integrating converts into the life of the church are studied.

CPR404: An in-depth analysis of the selected topic related to church planting. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic studied is different.

CPR 410: The main thrust of the Book of Acts is the expansion of the church by the spreading of the good news throughout the ancient world. This verse-by-verse study, focusing on evangelism, will rekindle in the student the excitement, enthusiasm, and boldness exemplified by the first Christians. It will also reveal principles that can be utilized in the twenty-first century church.

(applies to requirements for B.A. in Biblical Studies)

General Education Course Studies
(48 Hours)

ENG 100       Basic English Grammar (No credit)
ENG 101       English Grammar and Composition
ENG 201       English Composition
GRK 201       Greek I
GRK 202       Greek II
HEB 301       Hebrew I
HEB 302       Hebrew II
HUM 101     The Ancient World
HUM 201     The Roman World
HUM 402     American Culture
HUM 404     Faith and Culture
LIT 101         Hermeneutics
PSY 101       Introduction to Psychology
PSY 102       Dynamics of Marriage and Family
SCI 201         Natural Science
SEM 100       College Success Seminar (One Hour)
SEM 400       Senior Seminar (Two Hours)

One of the following:

PHI 201        Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 402        Introduction to Ethics

(33 Hours)

NTS 101       New Testament Survey I
NTS 201       New Testament Survey II
OTS 101       Old Testament Survey I
OTS 201       Old Testament Survey II
THS 101       Spiritual Foundations
THS 201       Church History
THS 202       Baptist History and Distinctives
THS 203       Systematic Theology I
THS 301       Systematic Theology II
THS 302       Systematic Theology III

One of the following:

BIB 101        Bible Introduction
NTS 310       New Testament Intensive
OTS 310       Old Testament Intensive

(12 Hours)

EMS 101     Personal Evangelism
EMS 417     Mission Practicum
MIN 401     Introduction to Biblical Exposition
MIN 402     Sermon Delivery

(15 Hours Total)

All BABS students major in Bible and Theology. In addition, students must choose either one or two minors plus electives, or a second major plus electives.

Students may choose one elective and then fill at least 21 hours of open electives; or

Students may choose two minors and then fill at least 6 hours of open electives; or

Students may choose Church Planting and Revitalization as a second major and then fill at least 6 hours of open electives.

(See B.A. Open Elective course choices)


ECM 100    Encounter Missions
(Required every semester)

(129 Hours)

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