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Criswell College Announces Five-Year High in Enrollment

Brandon Smith


DALLAS - Criswell College is pleased to announce a five-year high in enrollment for the Fall 2014 semester.

Total enrollment for undergraduate and graduate students stands at 350, an 8% increase from 2013. These 350 students are comprised of 104 new students, a 21% increase from 2013. Encouraging news also came from the offices of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness & Research. Retention rates, hovering around 50% in 2012, stayed at a steady near-80% for a second...Read more »

Dr. Barry Creamer, Criswell College Alumni Named Research Fellows of ERLC

Brandon Smith

NASHVILLE – The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission announced today the relaunch of the ERLC Research Institute, naming Criswell President Dr. Barry Creamer as a Research Fellow. He will join other Southern Baptist leaders including Albert Mohler, David Dockery, Paige Patterson, Timothy George, Craig Blaising, and host of others.

Criswell College alumni were also well represented. Alumni named as fellows include: Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological...Read more »

Dr. Barry Creamer Named Seventh President of Criswell College

Brandon Smith

DALLAS – The Board of Trustees of Criswell College voted unanimously on July 7 to appoint Dr. Barry K. Creamer as the college’s seventh president. Creamer, 51, has served as Criswell’s Vice President of Academic Affairs since 2011 and...Read more »

Dr. Barry Creamer Candidate to Lead Criswell College


DALLAS — Dr. Barry Creamer, vice president of academic affairs and professor of humanities at Criswell College, will be considered as the school’s next president when the Criswell Board of Trustees meet on July 7.

The announcement...Read more »