M. Div. (Pastoral Care and Counseling Track)

The student may select from either a 90 hour Full-Divinity Degree or a 75 hour Advanced Placement Divinity Degree.

Master of Divinity Standard Curriculum (90 Hours)

The Master of Divinity degree program, Standard Curriculum, provides graduate students who hold a baccalaureate degree in a non-theological field the opportunity for a broad theological education and preparation for doctoral studies while earning a recognized ministerial degree. Baccalaureate graduates need no prerequisites to enter the Master of Divinity degree program.

Master of Divinity Advanced Standing Curriculum (75 Hours)

The Master of Divinity degree program, Advanced Standing Curriculum, provides the Criswell College B.A. graduate (or equivalent) the opportunity to earn a recognized ministerial degree without duplicating undergraduate course work. Graduates are prepared to enter a doctoral program of study or serve effectively in a variety of leadership roles for pastoral and teaching ministry.

Pastoral Care and Counseling Track

  • CSL 505 Counseling Theories
  • CSL 510 Social, Cultural, and Family Issues
  • CSL 515 Counseling Methods and Techniques
  • CSL 601 Appraisal and Assessment Techniques
  • CSL ___ Counseling Elective

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