Determination of Financial Aid

All student financial aid is coordinated through the Financial Aid Office.  Criswell College seeks to financially encourage new and continuing students in following the Lord’s leadership in their lives.  All requests for student financial aid are reviewed and processed according to the following guidelines.

After the Office of Financial Aid has received a student's FAFSA information and Criswell CollegeSupplemental Application for Financial Aid, the student's financial need and types of awards for which he/she qualifies may then be determined.

A formula established by the U.S. Congress determines the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is an amount the student and the student's family are expected to contribute to the cost of the student's education.  The EFC is subtracted from the Cost of Attendance to determine Financial Need.

The Office of Financial Aid makes every effort to assist the student in meeting his/her need using all resources available. In addition, other "non-need based" aid is also available.

Award Procedures

Financial Aid awards will be made only after the FAFSA results have been sent to Criswell College and the Criswell College Supplemental Application For Financial Aid has been completed. If a student's record is selected for verification (a review of the FAFSA data), all required documentation and corrected FAFSA information must be received before the application process is complete. Only when these are done is a student's financial aid file considered full and complete.

**Note: As International Students are typically ineligible for Federal Aid, they should only submit the Criswell College Supplemental Financial Aid Application.

The priority application deadlines are:

  • New Students – all application components must be received by the Financial Aid Office 30 days prior to New Student Registration
  • Continuing Students  – all application components must be received by the Financial Aid Office by April 15th
  • Church Matching Grant Forms/Checks – July 15th for Fall; December 1st for Spring

**Late applicants will be processed if/when aid becomes available, but are not guaranteed funds.