Scholarship Fund

The Criswell College Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Fund (“the Scholarship Fund”) was established by vote of its membership on September 8, 2008 upon recommendation of the CCLA Board of Directors as proposed by its appointed Scholarship Committee. The approved guidelines for the Scholarship Fund are as follows:

  1. The Scholarship Fund would initially be funded with a $1,000 surplus from prior years’ budgets.
  2. The CCLA membership will be given opportunity and encouraged to contribute directly to the Scholarship Fund.
  3. Each year the budget of CCLA will contain a line item for the Scholarship Fund.
  4. Each scholarship awarded should be no less than $500 per recipient per semester.
  5. The balance of the Scholarship Fund will determine the number of scholarships awarded each semester with a goal of maintaining a $500 balance in the fund.
  6. Scholarships are to be awarded based on the Criswell College Guidelines for Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid of Criswell College will receive and review all applications and make the selection of scholarship recipients.
  7. The President of CCLA will appoint a Scholarship  Chairperson annually to promote issues related to the fund.

To contribute to the Scholarship Fund click here.

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