Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with the opportunity to study general education curricula, major in Biblical studies, and become grounded in systematic theology. Students also significantly personalize the program by choosing one or two minors or a second major. For students so inclined, the B.A. program is an excellent preparation for graduate studies.


(applies to requirements for B.A. in Biblical Studies with Minors)

Minimum Degree Requirements (120 Hours)

General Education Core Studies (42 Hours)

  • BIB 105 Hermeneutics
  • ENG 100 Basic English Grammar (No Credit)
  • ENG 101 English Grammar and Composition
  • ENG 201 English Composition
  • GRK 201 Greek I
  • GRK 202 Greek II
  • HEB 301 Hebrew I
  • HEB 302 Hebrew II
  • HUM 402 American Culture
  • HUM 404 Faith and Culture
  • PHI 201 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 102 Dynamics of Marriage and Family
  • SCI 201 Natural Science

One of the following:

  • HUM 101 The Ancient World
  • HUM 201 The Roman World

Bible and Theology Core Studies (30 Hours)

  • NTS 101 New Testament Survey I
  • NTS 201 New Testament Survey II
  • OTS 101 Old Testament Survey I
  • OTS 201 Old Testament Survey II
  • THS 101 Spiritual Foundations
  • THS 201 Church History
  • THS 202 Baptist History and Distinctives
  • THS 203 Systematic Theology I
  • THS 301 Systematic Theology II

One of the following:

  • BIB 101 Bible Introduction
  • NTS 310 New Testament Intensive
  • OTS 310 Old Testament Intensive

Ministry Core Studies (12 Hours)

  • EMS 101 Personal Evangelism
  • EMS 417 Mission Practicum
  • MIN 401 Introduction to Biblical Exposition
  • MIN 402 Sermon Delivery

Applied Core Curriculum

  • AMP 100 Applied Ministry Project (Required Every Semester)

Degree Minors or Second Major and Electives (36 Hours Total)

All BABS students major in Bible and Theology. In addition, students must choose either one or two minors plus electives, or a second major plus electives (See Programs of Study). 

Students may choose one minor of 15 hours and then fill at least 21 hours of open electives; or

Students may choose two minors totaling 30 hours and then fill at least 6 hours of open electives; or

Students may choose Church Planting and Revitalization as a second major of 30 hours and then fill at least 6 hours of open elevtives.

Students who hold a non-theological Associate's Degree from an accredited institution may choose to earn their BABS without a minor by completing the required core of Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ministry courses. Students in this program must also fill at least 6 hours of open electives. The core courses OMITTED in this requirement are: ENG 101, 201, HUM 101, 201, 402, 404, PSY 101, 102, SCI 201, PHI 201.