The Program of Biblical Studies

A student participating in the Program of Biblical Studies, upon successful completion of the chosen course of study, will be awarded a Diploma, Associate of Arts, or Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The competencies listed below are based on Criswell College's philosophy of education and are reflected in the learning outcomes for each undergraduate program. A student completing an undergraduate program should demonstrate:

  • A knowledge of the storyline of Scripture and the skill to study and interpret scripture consistently and methodically.
  • An understanding of systematic theology and the spiritual disciplines.
  • A comprehension of areas of study beyond the strictly Biblical and theological and the ability to express elements of a Christian worldview and to engage effectively the community in which the student lives and serves.

In addition, a student completing the Baccalaureate program should demonstrate:

  • The ability to apply scriptural, theological, and general truths to contemporary issues in society.
  • Academic achievement indicative of the student's preparedness for graduate studies.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies