Online Programs

Distance Education

Criswell College offers two 100% online degrees: Master of Arts in Christian Studies and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership.

What is Distance Education?

Distance Education courses are online text-based courses that allow students to learn exactly what they would in the classroom, but in an asynchronous environment. These classes contain written lectures, video clips, class discussions, assessments, and other resource materials. Courses are taught by faculty members who have been trained to mentor students in the online format and who are willing to give the online courses that "personal touch" to make the studies enjoyable and beneficial for students.

Why Criswell?

Criswell College offers religious education of the highest quality to students who might otherwise not be able to attend classes or receive ministerial training. The online courses here are geared towards working adults who either do not have the means to drive to campus or the time available to study in the traditional setting. Our courses will prepare you for the ministerial work to which you have been called, will encourage your academic and spiritual growth, and will treat Scripture with the highest regard as you learn more about God's Word.

How do the classes work?

Each online course contains eight learning units. Each unit provides a written lecture in addition to textbook readings. Each unit also includes an assessment of some sort, perhaps a class discussion, quiz, exam, or research project. Students typically have one week to complete each unit in a course, but the material can be completed anytime during the week according to the student's personal schedule. Deadlines for completing each learning unit are designed to keep students on track and moving towards successful completion of each course. The schedule allows for flexibility and freedom while at the same time ensuring that the student does not fall-behind as the semester progresses. Courses are typically eight weeks in length.

How are online classes accessed?

Students will access their courses at and will log in with their assigned username and password.

How much do online classes cost?

You can view tuition and fees here.


For questions about the program, contact the Department of Distance Education at 214-818-1316 or email Scott Shiffer at