Master of Arts in Christian Studies

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) degree is ideal for individuals called to ministry who have not previously had any theological training. Whether you study on campus or entirely online, it provides a basic knowledge of theology, church history, evangelism, and the Old and New Testaments. This degree builds a solid foundation for work in any area of ministry and equips students for leadership roles in local churches and for the mission field.

Scott Shiffer, Ph.D.
Director of Distance Education
Adjunct Professor of Theology




Minimum Degree Requirements (36 Hours)


BIB 505 Biblical Hermeneutics
EMS 501 Personal Evangelism
THS 504 Spiritual Foundations
THS 510 Systematic Theology I
THS 515 Systematic Theology II
THS 550 Theology Intensive
THS 603 Church History
NTS 501 New Testament Introduction I
NTS 601 New Testament Introduction II
OTS 501 Old Testament Introduction I
OTS 601 Old Testament Introduction II
PHI 502 Philosophy of Religion


RES 601 Library Research Seminar (No Credit - Required Seminar)


For more information about the programs, contact Scott Shiffer at or 214.818.1316.

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