Master of Arts

The student participating in the program, upon successful completion of the chosen course of study, will be awarded a Master of Arts degree. The student may select from one of five degree choices (see Programs of Study).

In addition to the general objectives of Criswell College, the following objectives apply specifically to the courses of study. Upon the successful completion of any program of study, the student should be able to:

  • Move toward a mature Christian life by learning to apply scriptural truths to the contemporary issues of society.
  • Maintain a disciplined devotional life and an ongoing program of methodical study of the Scriptures.
  • Evidence the knowledge and skills necessary for the spiritual care and leadership of people within varying contexts and traditions. Such areas of care and leadership include: the pastorate, missions, evangelism, Christian education, communications, youth ministry, worship leadership, women's ministry, or other related Christian ministries.
  • Progress to further graduate and doctoral studies in biblical, theological, and leadership fields.
  • Identify and articulate aims and objectives for life-long personal and professional development in ministry.