Diploma - Biblical Studies

The program of study leads to either a diploma in the English language or a diploma in the Spanish language.

The program of study leading to the Diploma in Biblical Studies is designed for the ministerial student who is not necessarily a high school graduate. From its very foundation, Criswell College has maintained a special interest in students who have not had an opportunity for college or seminary training and those who have entered the ministry after reaching their mature years.

Minimum Degree Requirements (30 Hours)

General Education Core Studies (9 Hours)

  • BIB 105 Hermeneutics
  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 201 Composition II

Bible and Theology Core Studies (21 Hours)

  • NTS 101 New Testament Survey I
  • NTS 201 New Testament Survey II
  • OTS 101 Old Testament Survey I
  • OTS 201 Old Testament Survey II
  • THS 101 Spiritual Foundations
  • THS 203 Systematic Theology I
  • THS 301 Systematic Theology II

Applied Studies

  • AMP 100 Applied Ministry Project (Required every semester)