Programs of Study

Criswell College has succeeded in its mission to combine excellence in its education programs with a deep commitment to giving students the experience of practical application of their learned academic disciplines. The programs offered at the College are designed to equip students to excel in the academic disciplines while they also develop in character and leadership skills.

Degree graduates of the College have gone on to serve in leading pastoral positions, evangelistic ministries, Jewish ministries, college and seminary faculty positions, international missions, denominational agencies, as college and seminary presidents, as biblical counselors, in service to our country as chaplains, and many other venues both private and public.

The focus of all academic programs is a commitment to the Bible as God's infallible and inerrant Word. Biblical priorities as commanded by our Lord in Matthew 28:19-20 for evangelism and missions permeate the curriculum, co-curricular activities, and learning/alumni outcomes.

A Biblical Studies major is required of all undergraduate students earning the Diploma or a degree. Associate and Bachelor's degree students may choose a second major or one or two minors from ten choices in related disciplines. Courses are challenging in content synthesis, critical thinking, and practical application. Baccalaureate students are required to take forty-eight credit hours in general education courses, six credit hours in Old and New Testament Survey, six credit hours of Hebrew and Greek, nine hours of systematic theology, personal evangelism, church history, introduction to biblical exposition, and an international missions practicum.

The College also offers professional and academic masters degree programs that are distinctively graduate level education based on course requirements for reading, research, and writing. These programs accommodate students who have biblical and leadership studies as a goal and also students who have vocational ministry as a goal. Graduate level students can begin with a non-biblical studies undergraduate degree and build on this academic achievement to earn a M.A. in Christian leadership or a ninety-hour Master of Divinity degree; students with this same beginning can also fulfill prerequisites and earn a focused M.A academic degree; and students with a biblical studies undergraduate degree or advanced course work can begin with advanced placement.

Each member of the Criswell College faculty has a wealth of education and ministry experience to pass along to the student body. Criswell students are given an opportunity to LIVE out ministry while they are being educated and equipped. This multi-dimensional approach gives Criswell students and alumni the confidence to immediately step into active ministry upon graduation. Many students become highly active in ministries and leadership roles prior to graduation! Check out our student testimonies on the Student Life page and see what our students have to say about the Criswell experience.