Vehicle Parking Information

Criswell students, employees, and visitors are encouraged to park inside the Criswell College parking lot located along Bird Street between N Haskell Ave and N Hill Ave. All vehicles parked in Criswell parking must either display a valid Criswell parking decal on the front windshield or be recorded in the Visitors Parking Log at the campus receptionist desk, unless there is a campus event open to outside visitors. 


Parking Decals

Criswell parking decals are issued free of charge to students at Student Services and to employees by Campus Police. All Criswell parking decals expire each year on September 1st and are reissued to current students and employees at the beginning of the fall semester. New students are issued their parking decals at the beginning of their first semester, and new employees during the first week of their employment with the college. The decals are to be displayed in the lower right corner of the front windshield when sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.


Visitor Parking

Visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles in visitor parking spaces and record their vehicles in the Visitors Parking Log at the campus receptionist desk. The record of the vehicle in the Visitors Parking Log permits the vehicle to be parked in Criswell Parking for the same day it is recorded. All unidentified vehicles parked in the Criswell parking lot are subject to being towed. No vehicle is permitted to be parked either overnight or over a weekend in any Criswell parking lot without prior approval from Campus Police.


DTS Parking

Any vehicles parked by Criswell employees or students on the DTS campus are subject to the DTS Parking Regulations. Those affiliated with Criswell College who reside at DTS must display their current Criswell parking decal and DTS resident hang tag when parking in DTS parking lots designated for DTS residents. Any unpaid DTS parking tickets will be charged to the Criswell student’s account.


Bicycles on Campus

Bicycles are to be parked either along the Criswell College parking lot’s chain link fence or (as permitted by Campus Police) inside the gym. Bicycles are not to be secured to the metal wrought iron fencing outside any campus building, any awning poles, sign posts, street signs, light poles, or campus trees. Bicycles found in repeated violation of these policies may have their cables cut and be impounded. Abandoned bicycles may be donated to a charity after a period of two weeks. Campus Police will attempt to locate the owner before the bicycle is either impounded or donated.