Alumni Association Membership

My Fellow Criswell College Alumni,

My prayer is that you are satisfied in the ministry with which God has gifted you.

I want you to know that, as your CCAA President, I am available to you. My hope is to foster connections between alumni pursuing the same goals and passions, such as church planting, revitalization, urban ministry, etc. It all starts with “hello.”

Loneliness is one of the most cited reasons ministers give for dropping out of the work. There are many other Criswell graduates with similar experiences, education, and outlooks who would love to connect with you for the purpose of encouragement and accountability.

Let me encourage you to take the first step. Start with those you know. Email or call another alumnus and ask for a deeper connection. A few of my alumni friends and I meet regularly online to discuss challenges we face. It is a refreshing and challenging conversation that I look forward to and miss when we cannot meet. If you find yourself unable to connect with other graduates, please reach out to me. I can help connect you to others. I am available through email ( and would love to meet you.

The annual fee for our Criswell College Alumni Association is $25, and can be paid online or mailed to:

Criswell College Development Office
4010 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, TX 75246. 

This year we hope to enrich the association by providing a few “perks” to membership. With each paid membership, you will receive Dr. Streett's new book Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now. Also, first-time members will receive a copy of the Criswell Theological Review. Copies of each are limited, so click here to join today.

His servant and your friend,

Josh King
Lead Pastor, Sachse’s Church

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