Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



The Bachelor of Arts degree is available in various majors. Each major contains core general education requirements, core studies in Bible, theology, and ministry, and requirements specific to the major. Students may choose a double major, taking all their electives (15 hours) in the second major and completing 15 additional hours in that second major (thus totaling 135 hours instead of 120 hours). For students so inclined, the B.A. program is an excellent preparation for graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides a foundation for many different careers by teaching interpersonal, analytical, and critical-thinking skills from a Christian worldview. Graduates with a major in psychology are equipped for positions in the local church, business, education, industry, the mental health field, and other areas where a psychology background is either required or enhances the individual’s qualifications for employment. The undergraduate program in psychology provides an excellent foundation for students pursuing advanced degrees in psychology or counseling, leading to professional careers as practitioners and/or educators.

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Minimum Degree Requirements (120 Hours)


General Education Core Studies (33 Hours)

COM 202        Introduction to Speech Communication
ENG 101         Composition I
ENG 201         Composition II
HUM 201        Roman World
HUM 302        Modern World
HUM 404        Faith and Culture
MTH 201         Elementary Statistics
PHI 201           Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 101           Introduction to Psychology

Two semesters of Foreign Language:
ARB 301          Arabic I
ARB 302          Arabic II
GRK 201          Greek I
GRK 202          Greek II
HEB 301          Hebrew I
HEB 302          Hebrew II


Bible and Theology Core Studies (33 Hours)

BIB 105           Hermeneutics
BIB 110           Biblical Languages and Tools
NTS 101          New Testament Survey I
NTS 201          New Testament Survey II
OTS 101          Old Testament Survey I
OTS 201          Old Testament Survey II
THS 101          Spiritual Foundations
THS 201          Church History
THS 202          Baptist History and Distinctives
THS 203          Systematic Theology I
THS 301          Systematic Theology II


Ministry Core Studies (9 Hours)

EMS 101         Personal Evangelism
MIN 201         Introduction to Biblical Exposition

EMS 427        Domestic Service Practicum

Or both:
EMS 428        Global Service Practicum and
EMS 429        Global Service Practicum Lab (non-credit)


Psychology Major (30 Hours)

PSY 102         Dynamics of Marriage and Family
PSY 205         History of Psychology
PSY 210         Theories of Personality
PSY 220         Developmental Psychology
PSY 230         Abnormal Psychology
PSY 305         Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 315         Experimental Psychology
PSY 320         Social Psychology
PSY 407         Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PSY 410         Integration of Theology and Psychology


Open Electives (15 Hours)

Although students do not declare minors, the equivalent of a minor may be completed by devoting all elective hours toward one discipline.

Applied Core Curriculum

AMP 100         Applied Ministry Project (non-credit, required each semester)