Master of Divinity Standard

The Master of Divinity degree equips students called to serve as Christian ministers by providing graduate-level knowledge in biblical, theological, and ministerial studies; strengthening doctrinal devotion; and developing methodological and ministerial acumen necessary to lead as pastors, chaplains, evangelists, and missionaries, capable of pursuing specialized and advanced graduate degrees.


Minimum Degree Requirements (90 Hours)


Biblical Studies (33 Hours)

BIB 505           Biblical Hermeneutics
GRK 501         Greek I
GRK 502         Greek II
HEB 501         Hebrew I
HEB 502         Hebrew II
NTS 501         New Testament Introduction I
NTS 601         New Testament Introduction II
NTS 602         New Testament Theology
OTS 501         Old Testament Introduction I
OTS 510         Old Testament Intensive
OTS 601         Old Testament Introduction II
OTS 602         Old Testament Theology


Theology and Philosophical Studies (21 Hours)

PHI 502          Philosophy of Religion
PHI 540          Moral Philosophy
THS 512         Prolegomena and Trinitarianism
THS 514         Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology
THS 516         Baptist Ecclesiology and Eschatology
THS 660         Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation Theology
THS 665         Modern and Postmodern Theology

Ministry Studies (21 Hours)

CSL 540          Conflict Management
EMS 501         Personal Evangelism
EMS 550         History and Theology of Missions
EMS 602         Church Planting
MIN 501         Preparation of Expository Sermons
MIN 502         Delivery of Expository Sermons
MIN 715         Ministry Practicum


Pastoral Information (6 Hours)

MIN 505          Christian Leadership
THS 610           Theology of Leadership


Open Electives (9 Hours)


Applied Studies

Non-credit courses:
AMP 500         Applied Missions Project (Required Every Semester)