Master of Divinity Advanced Standing*

The Master of Divinity degree program, Advanced Standing Curriculum, provides the Criswell College B.A. graduate (or equivalent) with the opportunity to earn a recognized ministerial degree in an unequivocally Baptist setting without duplicating undergraduate course work. Graduates are prepared to enter a doctoral program of study or serve effectively in a variety of leadership roles for pastoral or teaching ministry.


Minimum Degree Requirements (75 Hours)



B.A. degree from Criswell College (or equivalent) including:

GRK 201         Greek I
GRK 202         Greek II
HEB 301         Hebrew I
HEB 302         Hebrew II


Biblical Studies (24 hours)

GRK 610         Greek Reading
GRK 620         Greek Exegetical Syntax I
GRK 630         Greek Exegetical Syntax II
HEB 610         Hebrew Reading
HEB 620         Hebrew Exegetical Method I
HEB 630         Hebrew Exegetical Method II
NTS 510         New Testament Intensive
OTS 510         Old Testament Intensive


Ministerial, Philosophical, and Theological Studies (27 hours)

CSL 510          Social, Cultural, and Family Issues
EMS 510        Evangelism in the Early Church
MIN 505        Christian Leadership
NTS 602         New Testament Theology
OTS 602         Old Testament Theology
PHI 502          Philosophy of Religion
THS 550         Theology Intensive
THS 635         Prolegomena and Theological Method
THS 650         Modern and Postmodern Theology


Strategic Church Leadership Studies (3 hours)

EMS 602         Church Planting


Practicum Studies (3 hours)

MIN 715         Ministry Practicum


Open Electives (18 Hours)


Applied Studies

Non-credit courses:
AMP 500         Applied Missions Project (Required each semester)