Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (M.A.C.L.) is designed to provide basic theological and ministry education for persons who want to be better equipped for ministry and/or advance in their employment setting, but who have little or no previous theological education and have limited time to attend graduate school. Its design also qualifies a missionary candidate whose mission board requires a year of graduate theological education for appointment (e.g., those undertaking specialized assignments, such as in medicine or agriculture). Applicants choose from two specialized program tracks: Spiritual Leadership or Educational Leadership.


Minimum Degree Requirements (36 Hours)



EMS 101        Personal Evangelism
THS 203         Systematic Theology I
THS 301         Systematic Theology II


Core Curriculum (18 Hours)

CSL 540          Conflict Management
MIN 505         Christian Leadership
THS 504          Spiritual Foundations
THS 610          Theology of Leadership

One of the following:
NTS 501          New Testament Introduction I
NTS 601          New Testament Introduction II

One of the following:
OTS 501          Old Testament Introduction I
OTS 601          Old Testament Introduction II


Open Electives (3 Hours)


Applied Studies

AMP 500         Applied Ministry Project (No Credit – Required Every Semester)


Christian Leadership Tracks (15 Hours)


Spiritual Leadership Track

EDU 501        Educational Ministry in the Church
EDU 610        Organizational Management
MIN 625        Topics in Leadership
PHI 502          Philosophy of Religion

One of the following:
NTS 510         New Testament Intensive
OTS 510         Old Testament Intensive


Educational Leadership Track

CSL 545          Educational Psychology
EDU 501         Educational Ministry in the Church
EDU 532         Principles of Teaching
EDU 610         Organizational Management

One of the following:
NTS 510         New Testament Intensive
OTS 510         Old Testament Intensive


*Graduate students need only take the degree prerequisites listed above, not the prerequisites for those classes listed in the undergraduate course descriptions. All degree prerequisites must be completed within the first 50% of course work for the degree. Until degree prerequisites are satisfied, a prerequisite must be taken each semester in which a student is enrolled.